First post…..

Very original, I know, right?

In the next posts I will try to post full OOTD pictures for you, make up stuff and travel logs. Also, in my posts I will try to ‘budget’. It took me a while to find my style and voice and now that I have I realize I had been doing things wrong. Shopping senselessly during sales just because something was on sale or copying someone else. Just because your friend looks cute wearing a certain outfit, doesn’t mean you are going to either.

Well, this is my first post and in it I am going to present to you my favourite piece of wardrobe for this summer.
I had been saving up for this one for the longest time. I was thinking about it and finally decide to get it.

How I justified it? I was going to wear it in autumn as well.

Try to find a few basic pieces that you can shuffle and wear all the time.


My dress is from a store called Nebo.
Tell me what you think about it. I was thinking about pairing it with some nice combat boots and blazers when it gets colder. Any other ideas?